BEDHEAD HATS | Baby/Toddler Bucket Hat Baby Blue

Bedhead Hats

BEDHEAD HATS | Baby/Toddler Bucket Hat Baby Blue

Sale price$28.95
Size:M / 1-2 years / 50cm

BEDHEAD HATS | Baby/Toddler Bucket Hat Baby Blue

The Bedhead Baby Bucket hat is a fabulous baby sun hat featuring a soft flexible brim and rated is UPF50+ Excellent Protection!

These Baby Buckets have a soft flexible brim that introduces babies and toddlers to an angled brim that frames their line of sight. All Bedhead hats are made from their super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey and come with a stretchy chin strap (if required, you can easily remove this without compromising the quality of the hat).

BEST SUITED TO: Babies and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings