MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm
MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm
MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm
MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm
MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm


MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm

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MELVORY | Chamomile Sleep Balm

A  little jar of sweet dreams... This sleep balm contains a unique blend of calming and soothing oils, the perfect aromatherapy to gently ease you into a relaxed state so that falling asleep can come naturally. Nightly massages with a lot of skin-to-skin contact will help create a calm atmosphere for both parent and child.

How to use:
For babies under 6 months: Apply to the soles of the feet for a gentler effect. This balm can be used from 1 month old onwards.
For babies 6 months and above: Rub a small amount onto your palms and then apply using long, slow strokes onto baby's back, down the legs and soles of the feet. For extra tummy comfort, rub in clockwise motion on baby's belly.
For adults: To help ease tension away, apply to pulse points on wrists, shoulders and feet before bedtime.
Texture: Smooth silky balm that melts on contact with skin
Smells like: Chamomile & Sandalwood

HERO INGREDIENTS                                

With its soft and soothing scent, Chamomile eliminates irritability and worries of the day; and helps bring calmness to ease you and your baby into deep sleep.          

Has a beautiful exotic, woody and calming scent that helps promote relaxation.                

Magnesium plays an important role in supporting deep and restorative sleep by helping your body to relax.          

Used for centuries for its well known calming benefits, the soothing scent of Lavender also helps to reduce stress and to promote better sleep for adults and children.            

Ginger is used traditionally in many Asian countries as a "warm" ingredient that helps to alleviate discomfort. 

Full Ingredient List: Organic shea butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic jojoba oil, Organic sunflower oil, Organic beeswax, Organic cocoa butter, Organic sandalwood oil, Organic roman chamomile oil, Organic lavender oil, Organic evening primrose oil, Natural Vitamin E, Magnesium oil, Organic ginger oil